Thursday, February 17, 2011

You know you're fabulous when...

Being fabulous is having fabulous friends. My friends are each and every one of them...more fabulous than the next! I've done a post {here} on my fab friend Jill and her shopping addiction, I've spoken about my friend Stef {here} and then I got a text from my friend Matthew {here's a post on him too!} that made me think of doing a "you know you're fabulous when" parte deux in honor of Matt. So here you have his text message and accompanied photo...

Me: Hey do you have any photos of Whitney in the COCK SUCKER tee shirt I got custom screen printed for her birthday?
Me: I need one :)
Matt: Haha.
Matt: No, I wish I did. I'd send it to you in a golden envelope.
Me: I'm going to reinvent that shirt for her and I. We were just talking about it and she lost it.
Me: And you. You want one too now don't you? ;)
Matt: Rad. New digs. When are you and Kelsen gonna visit? I'd let you two take over the master suite in my Brooklyn mega-loft.
Matt: Rustic Industrial Glamour.
Matt: And there's room for all (Mona too!)
Me: Dude is that a stack of Veuve? Spoiled bitch!
Matt: People know what I like. It's the base of my food pyramid.

And there you have it, fabulousness! Hope this made you laugh! Happy Thursday!

{and here is a rough mock up I did in Photoshop for the people curious about the shirt discussed above!}

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