Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bracelet Fanatic

If you haven't noticed lately.... I am obsessed with bracelets!!!! Of course I love semi-precious stones on a sturdy stretch band, but my new favorite is a foreign coin on leather. I am currently in the process of collecting fabulous materials, so stay tuned to see the next concoction. 
{And here are two I gave away to family, an Egyptian pound and a Mexican Peso}

Bracelet Workshop

 When my family came into town, I made them all beaded bracelets to remember their trip to Tahoe. I also loved personalizing their gift boxes, which I think adds so much sparkle to a simple gift. Anyways, all the ladies caught the beading bug and a trip to the bead store + many hours on the kitchen table with my Grammy.... and I feel officially in business! It's so much fun and I will be sure and snap some pics of these lovely girls in the jewelry!
{P.S. Here is what my night looks like! Beading with my Grams, happy life!}

Soludas and Stripes

 Here is me with our family friends that were visiting Tahoe this last week. I feel like a major Soludo ambassador lately because I cannot take mine off or stop raving about them... I even convinced my cousin to get a pair for her move to Kenya!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Cousin + Love Bullets + Purple Pants

Here is my cousin Rachel {who everyone says we look alike! What do you think?} in an antiqued Love Bullet necklace and bright ass purple Current Elliott jeans. Which I'm obsessed with.

{the crew: moi, hubs, sister-in-law, my momma, sister haley, aunt, purple pants, sister sam}

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shop: Dressed!

 My sisters, mom, aunt and I enjoyed shopping at one of my favorite boutiques the other day {Dressed in Truckee} where I got my Free People shorts from the previous post...and they also sell my Love bullet necklaces there! So hurry in and go shop!
{Sneak peek at the necklaces I dropped off there today!}
 p.s. saw this photo on Dressed's facebook, the owner Kait rocking her Long Love Bullet!