Monday, February 28, 2011

Mac + Manolos

Since I don't have a style post for the last two days, I thought I'd explain my blog header and background and why I think it embodies the spirit of this blog. I went to photography school at Brooks in Santa Barbara and I completely forget the assignment details, but it looks like some sort of advertisement class and this is what I shot. If I can remember correctly, I got an A :)... This is my friend Venessa. We got her make up done at Mac Makeup counter in the Nordstrom on State street and borrowed my aunt Mimi's Manolo heels! I posted my camera on a tripod and blasted the music! Then I digitally composed her in. This is the balcony of my apartment, those are my jeans shorts and yes we drank all of those bottles of champagne ourselves!
{All photos ©}

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  1. I love this photoshooting that you did! So cool! It was a nice choice to have it as background!


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